OSRS Infernal Cape Service

An infernal cape is a superior variant of the fire cape awarded for completing the Inferno. It has over twice as many offensive bonuses as the fire cape, along with unrivaled defensive bonuses. In terms of overall bonuses, it is the most powerful melee cape in Old School Runescape.

Account settings:


  • Exit any clan chats and change your private chat to Offline.
  • Replicate any of the displayed gears and items setup.
  • Temporal password change.
  • Bank PIN active.
  • Deactivate the Authenticator / Guardian of your account.

Infernal Capes Reviews

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Th3 Jumpr Infernal Cape Service May 29, 2022

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Infernal Cape Commercial Agreement

By using our service you are agreeing to the following:

  • All payments will be given before completion of The Inferno.

  • In case of failure for any reason we will do another attempt for free.

  • Although our methods are 99% safe from bans, we are not responsible for any bans/losses incurred during or after the service.